Financial aid letter of appeal *Critique please*

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Financial aid letter of appeal *Critique please*

Postby cici8304 » Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:11 pm

**I know that my circumstance is probably not enough to lift my financial aid suspension, but I am attempting anyway. Thank you in advance for all your help and advice.***

Sub: Revoking suspension of financial aid assistance

To Whomsoever it May Concern:

I appeal to you to cancel this suspension which has been ordered on the basis of my inability to complete my courses. I am aware that my academic performance does not give any reason for faith in my abilities to do better, but I assure you that I am willing to take strict steps in order to ensure I am successful in the future.

I will, for one, be able to exclusively focus on my studies to guarantee I receive adequate time to devote to academics. I plan to apply myself in every way possible, this includes utilizing the labs, library and tutors from the very start of my semester to ensure I excel and complete every course without dropping classes. If given the opportunity, I plan on enrolling full time which would give me a graduation date in two years. I have currently completed 18 credit hours and need 42 credit hours to complete my core curriculum requirements at NVC before transferring to a local university, where ultimately I would achieve a degree in an Associate of Science in Nursing.

From the beginning of my Senior year in High-school and throughout my duration in college, I had been engrossed in a relationship that was extremely unhealthy. Looking back, I am in bewilderment as to why I didn’t sever such hostility from my life, but at such a young age, I see now that I was much more impressionable, especially since it was by someone who was much more advanced in age than myself. I discovered during my last semester that my companion was involved in an affair with another individual, and was being prosecuted for two felony counts of sexual assault to a minor and child. Two of the young girls involved happened to be students who attended the same high school as me. I became enveloped and completely overwhelmed by this situation. It affected my family life, created loss of friendships, and in the course of time, it affected my ability to concentrate and fully dedicate my thoughts to academic achievement. It is gratifying to announce that I am no longer involved with this individual, and haven’t been for years, but regrettably I cannot undo my error in choice to let this involvement affect the completion of my courses. The only person I hold responsible for failing to complete my classes in their entirety rests solely on myself. I only expound my previous situation to give insight as to the reason of my withdrawal. In retrospect, I realize I was in error by not taking full advantage of the opportunities that were awarded to me during that year, regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

Consequently, years later, the effects of my decision have manifested in my life today. Regrettably, I am receiving financial assistance through several government programs. However, it is not my intention to receive financial assistance my entire life nor do I wish to pass this dependency upon my children. It is my goal to one day, soon, be off assistance and be able to completely contribute to my family and community.

I sincerely thank you for the generous amount of financial aid I received my first two semesters in college, and only hope you will remove my suspension and honor me with another opportunity to attend school. Never before have I felt so inspired and driven to improve my life, expand my education, and ensure the future of my family through a nursing degree in the healthcare field. Without financial aid, this will be impossible for me to achieve. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to explain my situation and appeal to you for the removal of my suspension.

Thanking you,
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