My school doesn't want to pay me the entire loan

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My school doesn't want to pay me the entire loan

Postby jdmkira » Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:23 am


My name is Harry Negron and I'm an undergrad Microbiology student at Inter American University of Puerto Rico San German Campus ( I have applied for a $5,000 subsidized federal student loan through my Financial Aid office which was pre-approved by them. They gave me an appointment for September 20, 2012 for a student loan orientation, that they claim is new federal regulation for everyone that's applying for federal student loans. I was hospitalized on the 19th of September and I couldn't go to the orientation, but I tried calling them to re-schedule but they never picked up the phone. I tried calling them again and again, and when they finally picked up the phone, I told them about what had happened, and then asked them if I could re-schedule but they said that they weren't doing any more orientations and that the last one was given on the 26th of September. The thing is I owe the institution $441.00 and I was counting on the loan to pay for that and to help me with the transportation. Now I can't do anything and they also said that they are not going to give me the entire $5000.00 next semester, but only half of it. Can they do this? Aren't they supposed to have federal student loans available throughout the entire semester in case the student has an emergency? I am stuck and my income is barely enough to provide for my kids and my family. If I don't pay, I won't be able to take finals (I'll lose this semester) and I will be indebted with the institution which will prevent me from enrolling next semester.
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