Question reguarding GPA and Certain types of loans

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Question reguarding GPA and Certain types of loans

Postby ke_kwan » Tue Jul 23, 2013 9:56 am

I have applied online at the FAFSA website and it says I am eligible for a Pell Grant and a loan but when I went to the college there was some complications. I went to college there three years ago, on my family's money and only completed 60% of my attempted classes the college says I cannot get my loan approved with that score. After some research I found that the Stafford loans do not look at GPA or completed classes. So, I attempted filling out the forms on the Stafford Loans site and they directed me back to the FAFSA website which still says that I am eligible for a loan and a Pell Grant and that they are waiting on my college. Is this 7% going to prevent me from getting a loan and going back to school or am I just missing something here? What do I need to do next?
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Re: Question reguarding GPA and Certain types of loans

Postby edvadmin » Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:34 pm

Although your FAFSA states that you are eligible for Federal Student Aid, your school may have their own set of standards that prohibit you from using the Federal Student Aid based on your level of academic progress. I would suggest that you contact the school's financial aid office to find out what their requirements are for you to regain your eligibility for financial aid.


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