End date changed by school i transferred from

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End date changed by school i transferred from

Postby Jfrench579 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:39 pm

Financial aid frustration? I registered with Ashford University in Aug 2011. I last attended class in April 12, but i was a registered student until May 12. I decided to transfer to UoP in June, but had to wait to begin in August to avoid overlap in my financial aid. I found out today, after attending classes that somehow Ashford extended my loan period? It should have ran August-August. All was fine until my first week of class at UoP but but im told that i will have to pay 4500.00 because my end date eas changed from august to December 2012. How is this possible? Ashford says i have a balance of 3k because i withdrew to transfer, and they had to send back the money for my sorin semester. The nslds shows monies paid in aug 11, 0 dollars pd in march of 2012. And nothing else.. i contacted nslds and they told me that my acct us in good standing and im eligible but UoP is sayung what they see on the nslds shows me not beung eligible until dec 2012. How is it im missing funds from aug-december and cant grt financial aid. What did ashford do? UoP abd nslds say contact ashford but ashford says they didnt do anything, yet my end date changed in august from august to december.HELP!!! WHO DO i contact now???
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