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Postby jthomas » Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:24 pm

My son is signed up for college - has everything in line, but now we're not sure how to pay for it. He got some help with a stafford loan, a small athletic scholarship, and a few other small awards. Still, we will owe the bulk of his education. I just lost my job, so don't have that income right now. My husband is working but the company he works for is not in great shape. Sad thing is, we also have bad credit. I know - our fault. I don't want our past bad decisions to stop him from going to college. Trying to figure out how to pay. He has worked since he was 16, but only one day a week, with school and sports and he barely made enough to pay for gas so didn't have a big savings. He has really been saving this summer but still not enough to pay for his education. We help him out whenever we can. Any suggestions? I've thought about trying to get a relative to co-sign for him for a private loan. ANything else out there? He has been searching and signing up for scholarships on the net. No word yet. I really don't want him to pay for our bad decisions.
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Postby abrightyear » Wed Jul 24, 2013 11:41 am

I'm sorry, it sounds like you're in a tough situation right now. Pursue the idea of talking to relatives to see if they will serve as a cosigner. If they express concern about being liable for the loan, talk to them about cosigner release. Aside from that, I wrote an article relating to this topic of how to pay for college earlier in the day. Take a look, and hopefully this will give you some good ideas:
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