Stafford how long do they have

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Stafford how long do they have

Postby wyotech-er » Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:02 am

Hey guys I went down to financial aide the other day and got the first part of my stafford check. Well while I was down there the counceler told me she got the other part of it in and she would request a check. This took place on april 12 2013. It is now the 29th and no check what do I do. It is not a thing where she is making sure we stay in school to make sure we dont take the money and run but can she use that as an excuess to cover her but? Idk what to do I want to go see my dean about there lowsey service but I need to know if I have a case here? She has 61 students to manage on here own. So the money is in the schools account since the 10th of Arp 2013. So how do I go forward?
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Re: Stafford how long do they have

Postby edvadmin » Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:23 am

Make sure the money is given to you in a timely manner. Instead of going to the dean contact her supervisor to find out what the policies are for this situation and then find out what the Department of Education requires of the FA office when the checks are disbursed to the school for student use. At that point if the procedures have been violated then talk to the dean, but as of now find out the process and make sure that your officer sticks to it for the benefit of everyone.


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