Clearance Letter After 6 Payments?

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Clearance Letter After 6 Payments?

Postby greyrogue715 » Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:45 pm

I have been paying on a defaulted student loan for 6 months. I made the 6th payment, all on time. I have been accepted into a major university, but my loan is still showing up defaulted. I expect this until the 9th payment has been made and someone picks up my loan. However, after making the 6th payment, I understood I would be eligible to receive more financial aid.

I was paying the National Payment Center in Atlanta which I thought to be the US Department of Education. I began contacting them shortly after making my 6th payment, and requested that they send 5 schools the information stating I was re-eligible to receive financial aid. The problem is, all five schools have told me they have received nothing from the alleged Dept of Education. The DoEd keeps telling me they have faxed this to the schools, and yet the schools all tell me they have received nothing from the DoEd.

I am at wits end and don't know what to do or why this is happening. I plan to start on May 13th, so I am getting worried, and a bit angry about this whole thing. I have been on the phone back and forth with both parties many times.

Any ideas what I should do about this now? I am starting to wonder if this agency in Atlanta really is the DoEd or if they are BSing me. I am afraid something is rotton in Brooklyn.

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Re: Clearance Letter After 6 Payments?

Postby edvadmin » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:37 pm

Contact them and have them send the clearance letter to you either by regular mail, fax, and some can even email the informaiton to you.


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