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What is the fafsa? When should I apply for financial aid?

FAFSA 10 Schools and some basic questions

I am in my 40's and have been unemployed for a while (years) and was in the process of filling out the FAFSA.

It asked for a list of 10 schools I stopped there because I have a few questions.

Can these be changed at any time or will those be the only ones I will ever be able to pick from?
I ask because I can live in 2 different parts of the state ...
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Sweeping FAFSA/loan/grant changes.

So far, since March, my school has implemented 15 changes to financial aid, leaving 10's of 1000's of students scrambling. It seems every day there is another email from the FA office. Deadlines are coming far earlier to have all the requirements met. Loans are no longer sent out before the term starts, and only $1000 or $1500 in loans will be sent, until the student submits formal paperwork to request more proceeds. More students ...
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Food stamps on FAFSA:

I am being verfied for the past two years. One question from the school (on their own verfication form, which they will use to compare to the FAFSA) is 'did you receive food stampt during 2011'. I did, but when I completed the FAFSA in January, 2012, for the 2102/2013 school year, the FAFSA program skipped past the section about food stamps, TANF/WIC, and etc. So the FAFSA is blank (not even a zero) for ...
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When I last talked to my financial aid counselor she told me to write a letter in regards to how I believe I should be declared an independent since I have not had contact with my parents for over five years. Here is what I have so far. Any help would be appreciated I meet with them again tomorrow. I am aware that my paragraphs do need to be longer but I'm not sure what ...
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Do I understand this correctly???

Hi All

My girlfriend asked me to help her understand the FSFSA process for her daughter who will be entering college. I think I have researched and understand it well except for one concept I cannot get my head around and am hoping for help/validation.

Her ex-husband has a much higher income than she does and pays her a little bit of support each month. However, the student did spend incrementally more time (just a ...
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Parent claimed me as dependent. Does this affect my aid?

My mom claimed me as a dependent through all of my years in college. I've realized that she probably should not have done this seeing as I did not live at home during these years nor did she pay for my expenses.

I'm wondering if this affected the amount of financial aid I received which in turn affected the amount of student loans I had to take out.

Secondly, is there anything that can be ...
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Adding and deleting colleges? Tax Income

I completed my FAFSA using my 2011 tax form and added my first ten schools. Today, I received my 2012 tax form.

I want to delete the first ten schools I added and add the second ten schools I applied to.

Now that I am going to input my 2012 tax income information on FAFSA, do I need to still put the schools I want to delete( the first ten schools) and wait for it ...
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Transfer Student Finacial Aid Troubles (PLEASE HELP)

Hello my name is Eugene and I am posting here on behalf of my girlfriend. She is having trouble receiving financial aid for her studies and I am desperately searching for advice on what to do with her current situation. She has already been accepted into a CUNY college here in NYC where we both live. She called me today and happily informed me that she has been accepted by FAFSA for financial aid and ...
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custody change and fafsa

My step daughter is off to college in the fall of 2013. My stepson is going to go live with his father in KY when she leaves. We are going to change the custody papers for him when he leaves. We are their custodial parents now and will cease to be his custodial parent when he leaves.
My question is can we also change our college bound child's custody to her father? She qualifies for ...
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interest income from savings account

In 2012 I had 30K in my savings account but now as of jan 21 2013 about 14K after poaying off my car. I recently got a letter from my bank stating that I received $12.04 in interest income for the year of 2012. I have been going to college since the year 2009 with no problems with fasfa and getting financial aid/grants & loans but I am now afraid that I will not be ...
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