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Question reguarding GPA and Certain types of loans

I have applied online at the FAFSA website and it says I am eligible for a Pell Grant and a loan but when I went to the college there was some complications. I went to college there three years ago, on my family's money and only completed 60% of my attempted classes the college says I cannot get my loan approved with that score. After some research I found that the Stafford loans do not ...
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Parent Plus Loan

Can you raise the amount of a parent plus loan after you applied but before school starts? before you are assigned a loan officer?
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In-school deferment vs. grace period

I am in grad school until May 2015. I currently have four student loans, one is in deferment for school, one is in grace, and two have been deemed delinquent by my loan servicing company. I requested that my school send an enrollment verification so that my other loans may also be entered into in-school deferment, and I was told that consolidated loans do not quality for a grace period.

It is my understanding ...
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Requesting Additional Loan Amount Questions

Hello, I attend school online at the University of Phoenix. I recently started my second year of classes this Summer and have been approved for federal loans and a full pell grant. When I renewed my FAFSA for the current year, I made a mistake and only requested $9,500 instead of the $10,500 maximum for the year. So I went ahead and requested the additional $1,000 because I need it for some expenses relating to ...
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Stafford Loans

Are you able to accept a subsidized loan from last semester?
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Stafford Loans w/Community College

I would imagine this has been answered here before but I searched and I've searched Google and can't find a concise answer on this. I am an adult student wanting to go back to college at the age of 41. I've done the FAFSA and applied to my local community college. Their financial aid department tells me they don't participate in Stafford loans. I simply will not be able to attend school without it. I'm ...
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Transferring and Student Loans Question


I have a question about how loans transfer from school to school. I have currently borrowed Stafford and Parent PLUS loans for the upcoming, full academic year, but I plan to transfer in the middle of the year to a much more affordable school. The loans I borrowed for my current school are a lot more than the total tuition of my future school - what happens to the portion of the PLUS and ...
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Stafford loan for Flagship study abroad program in Russia

I'm hoping to apply for a Stafford loan to cover the cost of the ACTR/ACCELS Russian Flagship study abroad program, which I've been accepted to for the 2013-14 academic year, but I'm not really sure how to approach the application. I just graduated from Brandeis University but am not going through Brandeis in any way for the Russian program. I am a college graduate but I'm not sure if the program is necessarily a graduate ...
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I need help

I currently student at LGCC. I wanted to swap my subject to another subject but the problem is I clicked the dropped. And my problem is my cunyfirst is on hold meaning I cannot add another subject. I remember in the financial office that I have to maintain 6 credits or more. Is there any possibilities I cannot apply another direct subsidized loan. I'm really worried. If not I stop schooling because I cannot finance ...
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stafford loans for gap year program

We qualified for the full complement of federal loans ($5500) from each school to which my daughter was accepted. However, she would like to go on an accredited gap year program overseas. It gets a full compliment of 30 credits from oxford university in England. We live in NY. Can i get the federal loans to for the gap year program. thank you. mike
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