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Questions about loans for post-bacc student

I am applying for a second bachelor's degree (post-bacc) in Medical Laboratory Technology for Fall 2013. I am not sure what financial aid I am eligible for. I emailed the financial aid office with questions but they just confused me. Since I haven't filled out my tax forms and FAFSA (won't be able to until I receive a W2 from my work), the school doesn't have my financial aid information, so I think that is ...
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Transfer of Parent Plus Loan money to new school

I am transfering to a different school for the spring semester. My parents have a Plus Loan in place for my old school. Can I and how do I transfer the money to the new school.
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Amount borrowed vs Outstanding Principle

I am planning to return to school next fall. I will need a year to a year and a half to finish.
I'll need financial aid, but I'm not sure I'll have enough money for even a year.
The maximum debt from Stafford Loans is $57,500. I've so far borrowed $32,856. However, I spent years in forebearance, and interest on my loans has been capitalized, so that my outstanding principal is $51,295.
So, my question ...
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Unsub Stafford Loan Interest

Hello, Financial Aid Forum

I'm trying to figure out how the interest works for an unsubsidized Stafford loan (USL). My college gave me a form to fill out that explains capitalized interest on USLs, but I can't figure it out, and the school's financial aid office can't figure it out either, so I thought I would ask you.

The form has a table in it that shows the "cumulative year-end capitalized interest" (CYCI) on a ...
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parent plus loans with off campus housing

is there a way that i can use the money that i can get from the parent plus loan to help pay for my off campus rent so i can save money by living at a place that would be cheaper than living on campus in a dorm? :?
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When do loans accrue interest??


1. When does a loan begin to accrue interest - for both subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans?
2. Are subsidized and unsubsidized loans lumped together for payments or are they separated?
3. Can a graduate pay loans online?

Thank you.
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subsudized stafford loan

Recently my son was injured and had to take a 2month leave from school. The school wouldn't
allow him to go due to the class structure. He goes to Universal Technical Institute. He was all
taken care of with his stafford loans before the injury. Now the school is saying that he needs
to find his own private loans because he is going into 2013. The school state that they pulled
his loans. Is there ...
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subsidized Stafford Loan

Are the subsidized Stafford Loans no longer available? Therefore the best a graduate student can do is an unsubsidized Stafford Loan at 6.8% through Federal loans? Some private loans offer a lower rate than that.
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Federal Loans after Default

I am going back to school at age 50 to attain a second bachelor's degree and eventually a master's degree. In the 80s, I paid off one loan in full on time, but defaulted on the others. They have been paid in full for a while now. Will the fact that I defaulted in the past stop me from getting a loan now?
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postpone parentplus loans

How are ParentPlus loans postpone? Is there deferments available? Where can I find further information including repayment options?
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