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Will I still get financial aid?

Here's my situation:

2 years ago I earned my Associates degree(81 credits total AS(business technology)degree course credits+course credits for my nursing pre req)
Last year I got married
Have 2 kids(4 yrs old & 3 months old)
Current tax season we filed jointly with income around $46k
I am currently not working.

I'm going back to school this fall to finish nursing. Going back to a community college this fall to finish the other half ...
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Payment Arrangements or Paid Off?

I am in default of 3,100 and I want to go back to school. If I make payment arrangements will that allow me to get another loan to go back to school and finish or does the loan in default have to be paid off in it's entirety first?
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International studen loans


Im currently at the u.s and i want to study college in the philippines for 4 years i wanna know if i can get a loan here in the
Usa to study in the philippines.
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Student loans for Australia

Hi. I'm Nichole. I'm currently attending University of Western Sydney and I just wanted to know my options. I've tried contacting the school but they just tell me they cant take U.S. Federal funds and that I can only get Sallie Mae as a private lender. I was just wondering, has anyone else come up with this type of issue? Can anyone give me any tips?

Really, anything will help me at this point!

Thanks! ...
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defaulted $33 in 1991, paid and still not eligible for aid

I had 2 student loans in 1991. One was paid in full and I honestly thought the other was also. When I applied and registered to school this past spring, I found out I was defaulted on one loan for $33. I immediately paid the amount due. According to the DOE, my old loan is on their "old system" and can not be removed until they get to it. So, I am not eligible for ...
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I need help

I currently student at LGCC. I wanted to swap my subject to another subject but the problem is I clicked the dropped. And my problem is my cunyfirst is on hold meaning I cannot add another subject. I remember in the financial office that I have to maintain 6 credits or more. Is there any possibilities I cannot apply another direct subsidized loan. I'm really worried. If not I stop schooling because I cannot finance ...
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Non-Degree Course Post Undergrad Pre Grad


I'm in a strange situation. I was recently accepted into a field program at a University, but at that university I am classified as a non-degree seeking student. However, I graduated this last spring from my undergrad and am going to be a grad student at a new school this fall, but the field school runs this summer. I tried applying for a Sallie Mae loan and was approved for it, but the school ...
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stafford loans for gap year program

We qualified for the full complement of federal loans ($5500) from each school to which my daughter was accepted. However, she would like to go on an accredited gap year program overseas. It gets a full compliment of 30 credits from oxford university in England. We live in NY. Can i get the federal loans to for the gap year program. thank you. mike
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Student loan default

I have outstanding student loans I could not andhave not been able to pay on. My daughter will be going to coillege next year and I need to make out a Fafsa for her. Are we going to be able to get financial aid/student loans/ parent plus loans for her , or will they tell me she is not eligible because I have unpaid upon outstanding student loans. Is my stuff going to hurt us ...
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Financial Aid appeal help

Hello, I am in the process of getting back in school, unfortunately getting my financial aid reinstated is apart of that process. I would love feedback on my first draft of my financial aid appeal letter. Thanks so much.

My name is ----------, I am writing this letter with hope that my appeal for financial aid is approved and I am given a second chance. I want to start by apologizing for taking my opportunity ...
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