Graduate/undergraduate loan delemma

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Graduate/undergraduate loan delemma

Postby jjh9w » Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:20 pm

so here's the situation that I'm in and its a weird one. I thought I had finished my undergraduate courses and enrolled in a grad program for the fall taking 9 hours. I go to register for the spring and the grad program tells me that my undergrad university reports that my BA is not finished and I require 2 classes to finish. So after talking to my undergrad intuition fin aid director she tells me that I should come back for the spring semester full time and finish my classes. So here's the problem and where i'm worried.

For the fall I took out $8132.00 in unsub Stafford for the graduate program, Im not enrolled in the grad program in the spring. Now in the spring I'm going back to the undergrad level where i didn't finish the degree requirements and they awarded me the following package:

Sub-stafford- 2686.00
Unsub Stafford-3500.00

I'm worried that the loans I took out at the graduate level are going to negatively effect me at the undergraduate level. The fin aid director (whos new and sometimes says wrong things) says that It wont because it's a different degree level and I'll be fine to take out my loans in the spring at the undergraduate level. Does anyone know if that is correct? Im freakin out and worried because I'm not sure what to do. Any advice helps.
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