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Pell Grant

Postby Candacerwebb » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:51 am

I recieved a pell grant full time status and took four classes. Comp 1/ and made a 98, Psych 1/made a B, Intermediate or Pre- Algebra/ made a B, and the dreaded US HISTORY which only 4 tests made up our whole grade, and i only took one out of 4 of these tests, because of major test anxiety over ALL Essay style tests. okay so even then, my gpa was just over 2.0 and i thought i was fine. WRONG. I was not informed that my math for dummies class didnt count towards my gpa in regards to the 2.0 requirement. I keep hearing of people being put on academic probation but they didnt give me that. I was told that I would be required to take two classes(core classes), pass with A OR B, pay for them myself, and only then will i be able to recieve the rest of my pell grant for the semester following. Is this correct? Is there any way around it? What is academic probation and what does it entail? Why was I not offered this option? AHHH! What do I do?
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